Christine Souffrant Ntim Speaks at Seed Stars Summit in Switzerland

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Managing Partner of the Global Startup Ecosystem heads to Switzerland for SeedStars Global

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Forbes 30 Under 30 Entrepreneur, Christine Souffrant Ntim goes over her global journey of managing 3 startups from Haiti to New York to Dubai. In this keynote, Christine shares the top tools needed to create a global company and the resources an entrepreneur can leverage to become a global phenomenon in one year.

About: Global Startup Ecosystem. “Leveraging Digital Accelerators to Build Startup Ecosystems”

  • Who? Global Startup Ecosystem is the first and largest digital accelerator network in the world with a mission to digitize offline startup ecosystems.
  • Why? The future is digital. Currently, 3 billion people are online and 75% spend their time on mobile devises. In the next few years, 4 billion people will join the online community. Entrepreneurship will play a major role in the lives of future generations and it is critical to have stable entrepreneurial ecosystems. Startup communities will leverage the web for cross collaboration, resources, and innovation. We aim to be the digital bedrock of this movement.

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About: The Haiti Tech Summit is the largest gathering of entrepreneurs, innovators, and influencers leveraging tech to impact the future of humanity. It is a cultural tech festival that highlights the importance of startup ecosystems to either create or disrupt industries across all disciplines- from food to commerce to music and more.

The central theme of the 2017 global summit is to catalyze startup ecosystems in emerging markets. Day one is centered on “Drivers of startup ecosystems” with a deep dive look at the contributions of VC fund managers, angel investors, accelerators, incubators and media reporters on tech innovation hubs around the world. Day two is centered on “Disruptors of startup economies” with an analysis exponential technologies in transforming future industries via Ai, virtual reality, genomics, robotics, space, etc.

The event announcement was made on the eve of Haiti’s 2010 earthquake anniversary and was shared by over 423,000 supporters within 24 hours.

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