Startups-How to Turn Your Bills Into $1 Million in Funding


Sourcing capital for your startup can be daunting. But you have to rethink your approach for funding. Angel, VC and debt are typical sources, but what about the bills you pay to keep your business going? Be saavy and turn your credit cards, shipping bills, magazine subscriptions and other purchases into funding opportunities. Corporations always have annual and seasonal competition giveaways that can be tracked on their websites and social media pages. I was able to raise 6 figures of funding and free services in legal and marketing my sourcing top corporate prizes.

Now how to find corporate give aways for startups? Google “Top Corporate Prize GiveAways” Or “Top Corporate Startup Competitions for 2016” or “Top Corporate Hackathons for 2017”. That way the top ones of the year come up.

Here are my top 10 Favorites:

  1. $5k Walmart Community Grant
  2. $5k UPS Store Small Bix Salute Pitch Contest
  3. $15k MasterCard Elevator Pitch Competition
  4. $10k Capital One Hackathon Competition
  5. $25k FedEx Competition
  6. $25k Microsoft Competition
  7. $25k IBM Smart Camp Launch Prize
  8. $40k Staples small Business BreakRoom Makeover
  9. $50k AT&T Agility Competition
  10. $1 Million Forbes Prize Competition (2015, 2016)

Stay tuned for an updated list of my top 50 favorites next month! In the meantime, get top tips like this one with your e-book copy of How to Launch & Scale Your Startup, Lessons from a Forbes30Under30 Entrepreneur now.

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