21 Free Growth Hack Tips that Will Grow Your Users to 500k in 30 Days

Alright. So you have an awesome product and you’re ready to get millions of downloads, viral media spread and enough money to retire in 24 hours. Yesterday was launch day and you had no customers. Yep- your mom doing a download does not count. Now, what?   Well like most startup launches, this is a[…]


Top 5 Actions to Take Under A Trump Presidency

After a long and highly fought campaign, President-elect Trump will take office on January 20, 2017. Your support or opposition is no longer a major factor. What matters now is what you do next. First, be informed. You can’t prepare for anything if you have no idea what’s coming next. Try to leverage different media outlets for information[…]

What would you do if you won the lottery? Portrait of a very happy young man in a rain of money; Shutterstock ID 148789697; PO: lottery-winner-money-stock-today-tease-160108; Client: TODAY Digital

Startups-How to get $25k- $100k in 6 months

How to get $25k- $100k in 6 months Access Now Pick 2 quarters to start your 6-month plan and then complete the following 3 steps.  Prepare your funding material Bplan Financials Youtube 1 minute pitch Pitch deck Media materials Web presence- website, social media, press, partners Update profile on crunchbase, gust and angel list Plan[…]


The 10 Commandments of Millennial Entrepreneurs

A Forbes30Under30 Entrepreneur’s Startup Success Commandments for 2016   Entrepreneurship is now the number one life choice for today’s millennials despite the fact that 95% of companies fail. As a result, entrepreneurs are desperate for shortcuts, strategies, and resources that can increase their odds of success. Unfortunately, top founders are not sharing their personal secrets as[…]

TEDx Speaker on The Pattern of Small Moves

The Pattern of Small Moves: Don’t Follow Your Passions, Follow Your Patterns

A Life Hack for the 21st Century The Pattern of Small Moves Don’t Follow Your Passions, Follow Your Patterns Dubai, UAE –TEDxWullongong-November 21st, 2015 “TEDxUOWD: Illusions vs Reality,” has been curated with an objective to do exactly that—to bring together bright minds to give talks that are idea-focused and to foster learning, inspiration and wonder—and[…]